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We are sure you do not know exactly how productive your company was this week. With JC360, you can get to know and keep up to date with the results immediately. Encourage your employees based on objective data.

JC360 is a professional tool for telework, efficiency measurement and employee motivation.

    • Improve your company's productivity by up to 30% at telework!*
      Enter into a new dimension of data-driven business management!
  • How does it work?

    JC360 automatically detects and categorizes working activities **. There is no need for further integration to distinguish workflows, projects or even customers. It is an automated operation, being controlled by keywords. Real-time / daily / weekly / monthly reports. Performance indicators, deviations from target value, productivity calculation, trend analysis. Available from day two.

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    The recent package includes all JC360® system’s features, configured specifically to support teleworking, with instant detailed management reports and analytics to support performance evaluation.

    Now we are offering a one month trial period for free and a highly competitive 120 USD / person annual fee. It can be deployed immediately either as an on-site or as a cloud-based solution.

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    * After the introduction of teleworking, every company report a significant decrease in productivity. Introducing JC360 automatically results a minimum of 10% productivity growth.

    ** Hundreds of standard job profiles are available for the extensive and immediate deployment, while new custom profiles can also be easily created. Even at large enterprises, the fully automatic operation can be extended to all jobs and employees just in a few days.